Will Kate Middleton be called Princess Catherine of Wales?

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Since the marriage of Princess William and Kate Middleton, Prince and Princess William of Wales have been given a royal dukedom by The Queen and are to be known as the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

Catherine will be known formally as Her Royal Highness the Duchess of Cambridge. Her other name, as the wife of Prince William of Wales, the Duke of Cambridge, will be Princess William.

She was not born a princess so she is not (yet) Princess Catherine.

When the current Prince of Wales (Prince Charles) ascends the throne upon the death of The Queen and becomes King Charles III (or perhaps King George VII), the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will become the Prince and Princess of Wales as well as Duke and Duchess of Cornwall and Lord and Lady of the Isles... at this point Catherine will become HRH Princess Catherine of Wales.
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Is Kate Middleton trying to copy princess of wales?

Considering the current Princess of Wales is Camilla, I can't imagine why in the world Kate would want to copy her. The Duchess of Cornwall, as she is known, is one of the laz

Will Kate Middleton become princess?

Because she had no title before her marriage to Prince William she is not Princess in her own right. She can be refered to as Princess William though. That is why people have

Why is Kate Middleton a dutchess and not princess?

The reason she is Duchess Catherine of Cambridge and not Princess Catherine is because she is not royal. Technically she is a Princess she is just Princess William Arthur Phil

Why was Diana princess but not Kate Middleton?

This is because Kate was a commoner. While it had been tooted before Diana got married that she was acommoner she actually was the daughter of a Earl and herself wasstyled "L

Can Kate Middleton become a princess?

Yes. But out of respect for his mother and so they wouldn't be confused or equated, Prince William decided that he and his wife would be the Duke and Duchess. Their full title

Does Kate Middleton now hold the title Princess of Wales?

No, she does not. The style "Prince of Wales" refers to a single specific person: traditionally, though not automatically, the heir apparent to the British throne. As of th

Is Kate Middleton to be called princess?

No, right now she is to be called Duchess and if she was she would have been known as Princess William of Wales since she is not a Princess by birth
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Will Kate Middleton be called Kate wales?

No, because after marrying prince william she became the Duchess of Cambidge as he became the Duke and she took on the female role