Will Medicare pay for chantix?

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No Medicare will not pay for Chatrix. My insurance company did not pay for mine and to my kowledge at this time none of the insurance companies are paying for it. Medicare will cover smoking cessation (counseling to stop smoking) if your doctor orders it. It includes counseling for 2 cessation attempts within a 12-month pperiod if you are diagnosed with a smoking-related illness or are taking medicine that may be affected by tobacco. Counseling for each cessatio attempt includes up to four face-to-face visits. You pay coinsurance, and Part B deductible applies.
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Please see New Search Your Medicare Coverage Information provided is for the state of New York The Medicare coverage information matching your selection criteria is s

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Currently, Medicare is financed by a health insurance tax paid by employers and employees. Currently the tax rate is 1.45% and is paid by both employers and employees.

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