Will a Nikon 35mm SLR film camera lens fit a Nikon digital camera?

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Yes, if your camera has the detachable lens option (lens' are able to be removed from the base of the camera). All brands that are the same as your camera will fit.
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Will a nikon f mount fit a nikon d70 camera?

Yes, it will fit.. However, you will still need to see if the lens you have has or does not have features like autofocus or CPU connectors that will carry all the info that your camera needs.... If it is a Nikon Lens it will work fine. So will others like Sigma, Tamron and Tokina.. Carl Zeiss may (MORE)

Will Canon 35mm camera lenses fit a new Canon SLR digital camera?

Lenses From 35 mm Fitting Canon SLR . Absolutely! The only trouble I have had is with a 2X converter and a 400mm lens. It would not auto focus or stop down. I still got an OK photo of the moon. I migrated ALL my lenses successfully. I think film lenses work on digital. Digital do not work on film (MORE)

Can you fit an Olympus om lens to a Nikon digital camera?

Answer . Yes. There are adapters avalable that let you do this. But, you will have to focus manually.. [Spelvin adds] In addition, because such adapters generally serve as a spacer between the rear of the lens lens and the camera body, you may lose the ability to focus at infinity.

What is the difference between conventional camera lens and digital lens and can a digital lens be used with a 35mm slr?

The principals are the same. If you use an old lens on a new body or vice versa you will lose the autofocus function. Also many digital cameras have smaller sensors (known as cropped). So a 50mm lens on your SLR will be about a 78mm on your DSLR because the image is being projected onto a smaller sp (MORE)

Will your Canon T70 35mm film camera lenses fit on any of the digital Canon SLR cameras?

I don't think they will fit any. The lens mount was changed right after the Canon T70. Someone told me they will fit a Nikon so I'm trying to find that out. (They don't fit Nikon cameras.). Canon T70 lenses only fit Canon SLR's (single lens reflex) made between 1964 to 1987.. The T70 uses Canon FD (MORE)

Are nikon the best slr cameras?

Yeas really, in my opinion nikon has best dslr digital cameras i, for example own the newest nikon d60 and I'm very glad with it

What is the best zoom lens for Nikon camera?

There is no single answer to this question unless you say more about what you mean by "best"; do you mean the best possible quality, the lightest, the biggest range, widest or longest or best value?. Having said all that(!), I'd suggest the single most useful lens is the 18-200mm - it covers most c (MORE)

What is the best Nikon zoom camera lens?

dependant on your application. I have shot with a variety of Nikon zooms and find that for sports and low light the AS-F 70-200mm 2.8 VR is about the best there is. However if the price on that is a bit daunting, the 70-300mm VR or 80-40mm VR might be up your alley. Although the 2 latter don't have (MORE)

Will Pentax 35mm camera lenses fit a new Pentax digital SLR camera?

Yes they will. Of course screw mount lenses need an adaptor. M lenses will of course be manual focus. Some lenses will only work on aperture priority I think. Yes, all K-mount lenses will fit the current Pentax digital SLRs. K- and M- lenses will be manual focus and need the metering to be set dif (MORE)

Will a Nikon f mount fit a Nikon d80 camera?

A Nikon F-Mount Lens will indeed fit a Nikon D80 Digital SLR Camera, as the D80 is equipped with a mechanical focus drive motor which will effectively autofocus with all F-Mount lenses. - Raspix.com

Which one is better in Nikon slr camera and canon slr camera?

A Nikon and a Canon are equivalent in quality. The Nikon is significantly more costly than the Canon.. Most Nikon buyers would disagree but do some research before you buy. Make sure you compare models with similar features.. In my opinion the Canon is a much better value.

Will a Nikon g mount fit a Nikon d80 camera?

No, only F mount lenses fit the Nikon D80, D90, D7000, D3000, D3100, D5000, D5100, D40, D40x, D50, D60, D70, D70s, D100, D200, D300, D300s and every other Nikon digital SLR A Nikon G lens will fit a D80. The G is a lens designation and not a mount. Nikon G lenses have a F mount.

Will sigma 35mm lens fit the sigma digital camera?

Sigma builds lenses with mounts to fit Sigma and other cameras. I own two which are made to fit a Canon body. These would not work on a Sigma camera as they are, but I'm sure the lenses are also available with a Sigma compatible mount. This involves the type of locking ring as well as the location a (MORE)

What is the value of a vintage Nikon EM SLR camera?

This all depends on not only the body condition, but also what lens you have installed. A scruffy model of a Nikon EM (Jokingly referred to as the "Economy Model) is worth around 25-29$ depending on the buyer. A cleaned lightly used model will go for about 30-35$. And with the "Hipster" generation j (MORE)

Does a Nikon camera lens work in other cameras?

No a nikon camera lens will most likely only work on the camera it was specifically built for because they have their own special design and it usually doesn't follow exactly to other brands.

Where can you buy a Nikon camera lens?

Nikon Camera lenses can be purchased at Best Buy, Value City Electronics, or any local camera store. You can probably find even better deals online at places such as Ebay and Craigslist.

What lens works on a Nikon D50 camera?

Most Nikon lens will work in complete manual mode, but to get the most from the lens (auto-focus, metering) stick to Nikkor lenses with AF or G in the title. Full comparability chart in the related links below.

How much does a Nikon digital camera cost?

There are several different options when looking to buy a Nikon digital camera. Prices can range from as low as $50 to as much as $1500. It depends on what kind of features and accessories you want with your camera.

Who is the founder of Nikon digital cameras?

Nikon was founded in 1917 in Japan, with Makoto Kimura as the current president. Nikon produced the its first digital camera for NASA in 1991. There is no single person responsible for the production of the first Nikon Digital Camera; it was a company-wide effort.

Where can one find tutorials on a Nikon SLR camera?

The best place to find a tutorial on this camera would be to check the official Nikon website for a user manual. Another place to go would be to use a social media site like youtube where users post all sorts of useful videos about cameras and other devices.

Will any Nikon lens fit any Nikon camera?

If the lens was made later than 1959 it will have the "F" mount and it should fit any modern Nikon DSLR, although the auto-focus may not work and you will have to focus manually.

What digital cameras are offered by Nikon?

Nikon offs top quality digital cameras to compete with other camera brands. Their line of "Coolpix" is their latest line of digital cameras. Their most expensive digital camera values roughly a thousand dollars which is called Coolpix A.

Where could one purchase a Nikon F6 SLR camera?

Although it is discontinued, one can still purchase a Nikon F6 SLR camera in a variety of locations. Online, eBay and a number of online retailers such as Amazon and Rakuten still carry Nikon F6 cameras, and offline, some up-scale camera shops may still carry this model. With the death of film in (MORE)