Will a minor in possession of alcohol affect auto insurance rates?

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This will depend on whether the minor was driving a car. A minor in possession of alcohol offense, albeit illegal, in itself does not affect auto insurance rates. If the minor was driving a vehicle and had an open container of any alcoholic beverages, then this is a separate offense of violating the open container law in that jurisdiction: all states and counties have that type of law. It too does not have an impact on auto insurance rates, per se. But, if the minor was drinking alcohol while driving and is intoxicated because of such, then we have the more serious offense of driving under the influence of alcoholic beverages. Of course, this will have a significant impact on auto insurance rates, especially for the underaged drinker when he gets his own car insurance. However, it will not have affect on the auto insurance of another person if he agrees to take off the underaged drinker of the list of drivers of his vehicle.
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