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Will a narcissistic father ever accept you?

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Give up. Achieve closure. He doesn't deserve more than what you have already given him.
The word "love" is understood by the narcissist to mean "dependence", "neediness", "ability to provide narcissistic supply", "becoming the narcissist's extension and property".
In these - distorted and sick - senses of the word, all narcissists love to be loved...
A post-mortem of a relationship conducted with a narcissist is very frustrating because it never achieves closure. The narcissist is interested exclusively in allocating blame and generating guilt - not in progressing, developing, atoning, soothing, or concluding anything.
Such exercises in futility are best avoided.
Narcissistic psychopaths have no friends, or lovers, or spouses, or children, or family - they have only objects to be manipulated.
Narcissists have no problem perceiving ideas (many narcissists are intellectually gifted). But they do have a problem perceiving other people's ability to conceive of ideas, to have their own needs, emotions, and preference. Wouldn't you be startled if your television set suddenly informed you that it would rather not work on a Sunday? Or if your vacuum cleaner wanted to befriend you?
To narcissists, other people are instruments, tools, sources - in short: objects. Objects are not supposed to have opinions or to make independent choices and decisions - especially if they don't comply with the narcissist's worldview or plans, or if they do not cater to his needs.  
No! True emotional acceptance means the person must possess normal human emotions such as empathy. Without this emotional base acceptance as you would like it is IMPOSSIBLE.
The time for the father to have developed a healthy emotional system is long gone, i.e. infancy and early childhood.
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