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Will a zune card work with xbox live marketplace?

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yes, they both require Microsoft points
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How do Xbox live platinum cards work?

There is no Xbox Live Platinum. If you have a card marked with it, it is obviously a fake. If you got it off of ebay, I would sue. (JK no-one would win due to fraud) But the o

How do you get Xbox live marketplace points?

go to any gaming store like gamestop, bestbuy, etc. or 7eleven. they sell 1600 or 4000 point cards. Or type in a credit card on the dashboard and buy any amount that the

When is prototype demo on xbox live marketplace?

I have asked xbox live this same question on "sent you a message" i have not gotten a response its either been delayed a few months or the have abandoned the project

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What is in the Xbox Live Marketplace?

It is where you can buy Xbox live games ,ad-ons, demos, themes & pics. There are also weekly specials and bargains to take advantage of.

Do you need xbox live to go to marketplace?

Depends. If you mean that you don't have internet on your xbox then you won't be able to see that category at all. But if you mean as in you haven't paid for xbox live then I'