Will central air work if your gas service is disconnected?

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I have not ever heard of central air being run on anything other than electricity. Therefore, having your gas turned off should not affect it.
Central air is run totally by electric. You only need electricity to operate your furnace blower in cooling mode so no gas is required.and if your gas is disconnected chances are the electric will too due to no payment, if that's case
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How much does a central air conditioner service call cost?

It cost me $89 just for a diagnostic and a quote on a price to fix it. Joecooling.com is the only company in South Florida to offer UP FRONT PRICING on air conditioning r

Central air not working?

Since you don't give any other information, you should start by making sure that you have electric power. Failing that, you might try checking the settings on your thermostat.

How often should central air conditioner be serviced?

The best advice is that you should call a licensed Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) technician to ask for his opinion because it all depends on the make, the m

Could someone supply feedback that has purchased a trane XV95 gas furnace with a XL16i central air conditioning system. about the pros and cons and if they had to change the sizes of their duct work.?

I purchased the XV95 and XL16i with heatpump in early June 2009. So my experience is very limited. The old system's AC had needed a charge for the past 3 years running and thi

Fan works for heat but not central air?

Does the central air come on? Does the fan run if you switch it from Auto to On? If the answer to both of these questions is yes the stat is probably bad. If yes to the first

Does central air conditioners put off gas fumes?

Gas fumes? There should no fumes of any type. If you are speaking about natural or propane shut down the system and vacate the area immediately and call the gas company. If
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Can central air still be used with gas shut off?

With the gas shut off, you won't be able to heat your building. If heating the building is not an issue, then yes, the A/C can still be used to cool the building or to simply