Will diamonds burn in a cremation retort?

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Customarily, according to Wikipedia, below: " Jewellery, such as necklaces, wrist-watches and rings, are ordinarily removed before cremation, and returned to the family."

Otherwise, some processes strain human ashes for metal fragments, which are increasingly recycled. A diamond stone would certainly survive cremation: it has the highest melting temperature of any mineral which is not approached during a commercial cremation process.
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Do diamonds burn?

Yes. Diamonds are made of carbon and will burn to form carbondioxide if heated in the presence of oxygen.

What is a retort?

a retort is a glassware device used for distillation or dry distillation of substances

Can diamonds burn?

Yes, Lavoisier performed this experiment in the 1700s, and proved that diamonds were an allotrope of carbon. Temperature for combustion about 700 o C. it turns into ash after

When cremated will a persons bones burn to ash?

Yes, there may be some whole teeth left in the ashes.. no not usually because they are usually burned to much the way they are burned so there might be some big chuncks of as

When cremating do they burn casket too?

Wooden caskets are usually burned. Metal caskets more seldomly.Sometimes a rental casket (made of either metal or wood) is usedfor the service; after the service the cardboard

Can you burn diamond?

yes. a diamond burns at 800 degrees centigrade. and i may add, this temperature is well in the realm of a house fire.

Does the coffin get burned at cremations?

Yes. Due to the heat there are very little ashes from a wooden coffin left . Any metal work ( handles) is recycled if the Crematorium has such a scheme.

Does a diamond burn?

YES, Diamond burns at about 800°C, giving off carbon dioxide just like charcoal. Another Answer Diamond has the highest melting point of any mineral: 3,820 degrees K