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Phips was the governor of the Massachusetts colony where the trials took place. He ended them when his wife was accused.
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Why did the Salem witch trials end?

The trials officially ended because once the queen was accused she demanded that the trials be stopped EDIT: The Queen was not accused. The wife of the Massachusetts governor was accused and the governor demanded a stop to the Trials and wrote to London for the power to pardon all the imprisoned.

How did the Salem witches trial end?

By the end of the Salem witch trials, 20 people were dead. 19 byhanging and one, Giles Corey, was pressed to death. Another 4 areknown to have died in prison though there may have been as many as13. Around 150 people were imprisoned. Many factors contributed to the ending of the trials. John Proctor (MORE)

Salem witch trials?

You know, a question word would make answering your question much easier. The Salem Witch Trials describes the series of witchcraft trials in Salem, Massachusetts, that sprang from the witch panic that began in January-February of 1692 when girls started acting bewitched. The trials lasted from June (MORE)

Why did the Salem witch trials spread?

Panic has a tendenacy to do that. Salem isn't one an island or surrounded by mountains. It borders other towns. Gossip and fear in Salem spreads to those towns, which sread them to the other towns they border.

Who were the judges in the Salem witch trials?

Chief Judge William Stoughton Associate Judges Jonathan Corwin, Salem Thomas Danforth, Boston Bartholomew Gedney, Salem John Hathorne, Salem John Richards, Boston Nathaniel Saltonstall, Haverhill Peter Sargent, Boston Samuel Sewell, Salem Stephen Sewall, Clerk of the Court Wait Winthrop, Boston (MORE)

What happened at the Salem witch trials?

During The Salem Witch Trials people were executed because the were either proven guilty to witchcraft or confessed to Witchcraft. Many people were hanged and one person, was killed by being crushed by stones. It was a harsh time but now it is over. EDIT: No one who confessed was executed. They wer (MORE)

What happened after the Salem Witch trials?

The people who remained in jail were released when they paid their room and board. A slue of lawsuits flowed into the Salem and Boston courts for conpensation and the property of loved ones who were executed.

What were the test for the Salem witch trials?

1.) The town would watch as the accused would recite the Lord's Prayer. If they were truly the devil's servant, they would not be able to say the prayer. 2). If any marks or scars were found on the person's body they were said to be the marks of evil.

What was the point of the Salem Witch Trials?

Back then, the point was to purge Massachusetts Bay Colony of evil in the form of witches. Now, there really isn't a concrete point. We see it as hysteria and panic, not something that was meant to accomplish something.

What causes the Salem witch trials?

There are many explanations for the causes of the Salem Witch Trials. One of the most popular is that the girls involved as accusers during the trials exhibited a form of "hysteria," which caused them the hallucinate and experience strange physical sensations. However, many people believe that the g (MORE)

Where did the Salem witch trials happen?

The Trials were conducted in the towns of Salem Village, Salem Town, Andover, and Ipswich. The accused were said to be Witches from the counties of Essex, Suffolk, and Middlesex, in Massachusetts, New England.

What is the Salem witch craft trials?

READ THIS IT WILL HELP YOU ON A TEST! The Salem witch craft trials is about a girl who started it all then told younger girls. But then people were getting acuused of it. then the judges wanted to prove if they were witches or not and there test were: to stick a pin in someomne mole if there was n (MORE)

Who is Abigail Williams from the Salem witch trials?

Abigail Williams was the young orphaned niece of Reverend Samuel Parris. Abigail, along with her cousin Betty (Rev. Parris' daughter), and a group of girlfriends accused townspeople of witchcraft in the spring/summer of 1692. Theories for why the girls made such accusations that resulted in the deat (MORE)

Who stopped the Salem Witch Trial?

Governor William Phips, who first authorized the trials, was later influenced by writings of Increase Mather (father of Cotton Mather) and Samuel Willard questioning the fairness of the trials, brought the trials to an end in September 1692 when it became clear that the trials were injust and specio (MORE)

What were the effects of Salem witch trials?

it changed lives forever before it happened people lived in fear of it after it happened people were happier and felt free to travel EDIT: The above sounds more like England and World War II. Life after the Trials had its own struggles. The Puritans were more scared than ever. In their minds, the d (MORE)

Why the Salem Witch Trials start?

The Salem Witch Trials started because these very young girls started accusing people of witchcraft because the daughters of Reverend Samuel Parris were listening to their slave tell stories of demons and the Devil. Some say that this was what inspired them to start accusing (others say that it migh (MORE)

How was the Salem witch trials resolved?

by my mom EDIT: Governor Phips declared spectral evidence invalid after his wife was accused. He then wrote to London asking for permission to pardon the around 150 accused still in prison. In May, 1693, the last trial was held and every remaining defendant was judged innocent.

What lead to the Salem witch trials?

The Salem witch trials was caused by multiple things including King Philip's War, a smallpox epidemic and tensions between the two factions in Massachusetts, the emerging and thriving Yankees and the orginal Puritans that were dying out.

What do you think about the Salem witch trials?

All trials of so called witches is caused by ignorance and superstition on the part of the perpetrators. There never has nor will there be witches. Witch trial were a farce. The so called witch had to be punished so that the minds of the superstitious might be put at rest. It is better for one perso (MORE)

What happend in the Salem Witch trials?

During the Salem Witch Trials many people were hanged because they were accused of using "Witchcraft". One man was even crushed by stones because he didn't confess. This happened in the early,mid 1690's. Puritans believed Witchcraft was a sin and that using it meant you had an agreement with the Dev (MORE)

Were the Salem witch trials scary?

The Salem witch trials were very scary, 'cause you didn't know what was to happen or if you could prove your innocence and be set free.

Salem Witch Trials and The Crucible?

The Crucible is a play by Arthur Miller in which he mangled facts and theories about the trials to create an allegory to McCarthyism in the 1950s.

Effects of the Salem witch trials?

The courts were flooded with lawsuits for confiscated property and the lack of attention to farms caused a food shortage. And, of course, 24 ended up dead.

Where was the Salem witch trial held in?

the Salem Witch trials were held in various locations dotted all over the USA from 1692-1693. The Salem Witch trials is the shortest Witch trial to be recorded in history.

How did the salem witch trials work?

The legal trials were standard to the era. Groups of accused (five in most cases, eight in one and a single person in the only exception) were sent in front of a panel of judges headed by William Stoughton. Those judges listened to the wails of the afflicted and nearly immediately pronounced each gu (MORE)

What are the Salem witch trials known for?

The Salem Witch Trials are known for all the false accusations and multiple deaths. A lot of the accusations were caused by young girls, like Abigail Williams, were false and they killed many people--men and women.

How were you a witch in the Salem witch trials?

There was no one who was really a witch there. if someone decided they thought you were a witch you went to trial for it and the reason people were tried was because girls were having strange actions which doctors later concluded was hysteria.

Why is Abigail Williams to blame for the hysteria of the Salem witch trials?

Abigail is to blame for the witch trails because if she, and her cousin Betty and seven other pre-teens and teenagers, didn't act like they were being bewitched then 20 innocent lives wouldn't have been killed EDIT: Abigail is not nesscessarily to blame. Only a portion of the theories as to the cau (MORE)

Who was Abigail Williams in the Salem witch trials?

Abagail Williams was the 12ish niece of the Salem Village Reverand. She was the second person to became "afflicted." She had more voice in earlier the Trials. We lose track of her after the Trials end.

Why were Salem witch trials important?

The importance of the Salem trials is not as significant as one might think. The trials were what finally destroyed Puritanism's hold on the Massachusetts government, setting it up to be the trade-based region known today. It also allowed a more secular world view, which would make them more easily (MORE)

What was Salem witch trials?

The Salem witch trials were a series ofhearings and prosecutions of people accused of witchcraft incolonial Massachusetts, between February 1692 and May 1693. Despitebeing generally known as the Salem witch trials, the preliminaryhearings in 1692 were conducted in a variety of towns across theprovin (MORE)