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With which word does Thoreau use to create a metaphor in this sentence?

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Can you create some sentences using the word judgmental?

She calls herself a Christian, but Christians are supposed to "judge not, lest ye be judged" and she is the most judgmental person I've ever met. In his youth he was hopelessl (MORE)

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How do you write 5 sentences using metaphor?

'Proffering the olive branch' is a metaphor for trying to establish peace by giving someone a gift. The Bald eagle is a metaphor for strength, swiftness, and foresight in ma (MORE)

Identifying Different Sentence Structures: Complex and Compound-Complex Sentences

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The Purpose of a Sentence: Declarative, Imperative, Interrogatory, and Exclamatory

In the English language, there are four main sentence types: declarative, imperative, interrogative, and exclamatory. Choosing between them means first assessing what your pur (MORE)

Basic Grammar: Elements of Sentence Structure

What constitutes a sentence? It's a question that few of us ever think about. A sentence consists of three parts: a subject, a verb, and a present or complete thought. The sub (MORE)

Run-ons and Fragments: How to Fix these Common Writing Problems

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Learn Sight Words Through Games

Sight words are words that are most commonly seen in reading. They are also called high frequency words or some teachers even refer to them as "popcorn" words because they ten (MORE)

How to Systematically Attack the SAT Sentence Completions

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Create a sentence using the word accosted?

She accosted me later on the street, just as I was leaving the office, to tell me all the nasty things she didn't have the guts to say at the board meeting. The problem with o (MORE)

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Sample of metaphor sentences?

A metaphor is a figure of speech comparing to  objects or actions even though it is not literally accurate.  Metaphors do not use "like" or "as," but rather make a direct  (MORE)

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Create a sentence using the word crucial?

Her answer was crucial in finding the location of the  treasure.    It is crucial that you continue taking the antibiotics until  your prescription runs out, or else (MORE)

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Why are metaphors useful?

Metaphors attach a lot of meaning, multiple meanings, even to very  few words. Metaphors and similes are powerful figures of speech.