With which word does Thoreau use to create a metaphor in this sentence?

none of the above.
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Create a sentence using the word legacy?

His father, his father's father, and most of his paternal uncles and granduncles had been in the mafia and been incarcerated at one time or another, which was a very difficult (MORE)

What is a metaphorical word?

This is a figure of speech where a term is applied to something to which it is not literally applicable, in order to suggest a resemblance. Therefore one word will not answer (MORE)

How do you write 5 sentences using metaphor?

'Proffering the olive branch' is a metaphor for trying to establish peace by giving someone a gift. The Bald eagle is a metaphor for strength, swiftness, and foresight in man (MORE)

Learning the Language of Love

It is common for people to misconstrue the differences between a metaphor and a simile. Unfortunately, the two are extremely similar and can be used almost interchangeably in (MORE)

Dragging it Out: Using Extended Metaphors

The artistic style of musicians, authors, and poets often focus on using similes and metaphors to bring their works of art to life for their audiences. From Shakespeare to Rob (MORE)

And Carry the One- Using Extended Metaphors

Many everyday conversations include the use of comparisons as a description to accurately convey a thought or concept, explain a topic, or describe a noun or verb. These compa (MORE)

Advanced Writing: Extended Metaphor

Extended metaphors are literary devices that are utilized to effectively carry forth a defined metaphor.Essentially, this device helps to enhance the metaphor and prolong it f (MORE)
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Understanding the Complex Sentence Structure

In the English language, especially in relation to writing in all its forms, there are different type of sentence structures. These different sentences types are simple, compo (MORE)

Fifty Ways To Say I Love You- What are Metaphors for Love?

As Pat Benatar once put it, "Love is a Battlefield." There are many metaphors for love and expressing your love, or lack thereof, for a person or people. Love can also come in (MORE)

Can you create some sentences using the word judgmental?

She calls herself a Christian, but Christians are supposed to "judge not, lest ye be judged" and she is the most judgmental person I've ever met.In his youth he was hopelessly (MORE)

Sample of metaphor sentences?

A metaphor is a figure of speech comparing to  objects or actions even though it is not literally accurate.  Metaphors do not use "like" or "as," but rather make a direct  (MORE)