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How do you write 5 sentences using metaphor?

'Proffering the olive branch' is a metaphor for trying to establish peace by giving someone a gift. The Bald eagle is a metaphor for strength, swiftness, and foresight in ma

Sentences using metaphor?

A sentence using the word metaphor is below: When the stadium roof collapsed in a snowstorm, it was a metaphor for the team's whole losing season. Sentences containing example

What is a good sentence using a metaphor?

the little girl was a doll for helping her mother wash the car

What is a metaphor using the word light?

as light as a feather

A metaphor using the word heart?

People use metaphor with the word "heart" every time they say  phrases like:    - "Oh my God, you have no heart"   - "Don't you have a heart?"   - "I love you

How do you use the word metaphor in a sentence?

Here are some examples:    Though it began as a metaphor, the term Holocaust is now  associated indelibly with Nazi death camps.  The collapsing bridge was a metaphor

Can you create a sentence using the word 'ossification'?

The horns of the giraffe are a direct result of ossification. As such, they are not properly referred to as horns, but as ossicones. The process of ossification of the human b