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wwe is silly men danceing around in thongs
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How is world wrestling bad for children?

Children learn largely by mimicking what they see. A child does not understand that the stunts wrestlers perform are coordinated and practiced. If they are shown wrestling, th

American entertainment during World War 2?

Since people didn't have t.v.'s or cell phones, the could only listen to the radio, play cards or other games, and other stuff. (I don't know much about this but I put down wh

What did children do for entertainment during world war 2?

In Europe, many children were unable to go out because of air raids, curfews, and other factors. Often young girls would play with paper dolls, read, and if they were able to,

Role of computer in entertainment world?


What entertainment was there for soldiers during World War I?

  In World War 1, soldiers could get extremely bored. To pass the time, and ease their boredom, they would usually do various jobs such as filling sand bags. They would al

Who are the top 10 Worlds richest wrestling stars?

1.Vince Mcmahon is obviously the richest even though he doesnt wrestle that much anymore. 2.Triple H is second, he's vince's son and has been in the wwf. 3.Undertaker been in

What is the biggest wrestling tournament in the world?

The worlds largest wrestling tournament is held in Fargo North Dakota. It includes children as young as 16 through high school. It features kids from 42 states and gives them

Who is the richest entertainer in the music industry in the world?

The richest person in the music business, when it comes to liquid  cash, is the billionaire Paul McCartney. He is a former Beatles  member and has a net worth of about $1.2

What is wrestling?

Wrestling is a form of physical combat-sport, where two competitors  try to force the other into submission,pins which can lead to head  injures,andy many other more if u ar

What is the corporate phone number and address of world wrestling entertainment?

  General Contacts   Please do not send or e-mail any materials (including scripts, screenplays, storylines, ideas, music, business proposals, marketing concepts, etc
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What is the wrestling?

  an organized sport with rules and techniques in which a person stuggles to press or pin their opponet's shoulders and/or back to the ground, the game is kind of a diplay