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wwe is silly men danceing around in thongs
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World wrestling entertainment relationships?

Answer Some real life WWE releationships are: Stephanie McMahon and Triple H. (married) C.M. Punk and AJ LEE (married) Bobby Lashley and Krystal Marshall (split up) King Book

The World Wrestling Entertainment is Fake?

Fake, no. When they fall, there is no stunt double who runs in and does it for them. Those mats are not soft. Neither is the floor under it. Yes, it's a bit padded, but not en

Is world wrestling entertainment real?

yes and no, high flying moves are 100% real, but powerful moves and slams are only sometimes real, but yes the matches are choreographed and scripted

When was the world wrestling entertainment found?

1952. A Wrestling Promotion Called Capitol Wrestling Was Created By Roderick McMahon And During This Business His Wife Gave Birth To Vincent J. McMahon (Vince K. McMahon's Da

Is world wrestling entertainment true?

OF COURSSE IT IS!!! Do you think when Jeff Hardy did a 50 foot swanton on Randy Orton that was fake? OF COURSE NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I MEAN SERIO

Does world wrestling entertainment are fake?

yes refrees give fake blood secretly to wrestlers If you watch Eddie Guerrero vs jbl in el paso Texas Eddie gets hit with a chair and he really bleeds he passed out in the

Is World Wrestling Entertainment is truth?

SPOILER ALERT*. Small kids or those with avid imaginations should probably look away.. WWE isn't by definition; fake. It is real. Getting hit with a chair is real. A power bo