Would I really be who I am if I really wasn't here?

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Yes and No, but not in that order.
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Do all questions really get answered here?

No; some are left unattended and are eventually forgotten. However, we still try our hardest to answer every single question; that's the goal of WikiAnswers.

Are we really here?

We don't know...I mean what if giants from above are watching us scurry around? What if WE live on a turtles backs---or we are in a dust particle?! For all we know we are noth

Would a husband go back to the mistress if his wife wasn't giving him sex because she caught him cheating after he felt really guilty and bad about it?

I personally say yes because if your not giving him sex then he will go back to the women that he was having sex with because your not pleasing him. Therefore i would just div

How can you know that the answer here a really corrects?

you really can't know which is the right answer and which is wrong. You have to use, some times, your common sense and some times you have to research to support your answer.
In Jesus Christ

Did Jesus really live here on Earth?

Catholic Answer Of course Jesus really lived on earth. He is certainly the mostdocumented historical figure in all of ancient history. Inaddition, He established a religion wh
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When did the Paleo Indians really come here?

The Paleo Indians came here in the year of 5000 b.c. They came here searching for food and a place to stay.They started getting a lot of wooly mammoths in the ice age! They fo