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Would a retired US air force major still be addressed as Major?

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Did Major Rudolph Anderson Jr US Air Force have a child?

  JFK Advisor Kenny O'Donnell Says ....   "The President at that particular moment was more disturbed by the death of Major Anderson in Cuba than he was worried about

How much does a US Air Force major earn?

$3000 to $5000 a month depending on how many years the Major has been in. This answer is a little bit / actually a lot off. I am a 2LT, or Second Lieutenant in the USAF, but

Did major Norbert Charles Eelbode US Air Force have wife and a child?

There is no Major Norbert Charles Eelbode in the Air Force, nor has there ever been. I know because I was married to Norbert for 15 years and the mother of his children. If he

When Major League Baseball retired number 42 what player still were wearing it?

MLB retired #42 on April 15, 1997 which was the 50th anniversary of Jackie Robinson's first game in MLB: American League: 1) Lenny Webster, Orioles 2) Mariano Rivera, Ya