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Would it be possible to see a full moon during daylight hours?

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Yes, it is possible to see a full moon during daylight hours because it is big and brightly lit by the Sun. When you look at the Moon, you are seeing the light which reflects off it. Also because of it's size.
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Are lighthouses lit during daylight hours?

No. Lighthouses are not lit in daylight hours, because a lighthouse light is like a giant magnifying glass made up of usually hundreds of prisms. If the light was on in daylig

Where is the moon during a full moon?

During a full moon, the moon is on the far side of the earth, away from the sun. In other words, the earth is between the sun and the moon. That means that the sun is behind

How is it possible to see the moon at night?

If you want to see something in your back yard at night, you illuminate it with a flashlight and then you can see it.. We can see the moon at night because it is illuminated

What happens during full moon?

At a full moon, the moon and the sun are on opposite sides of Earth. Since there are high tides on both sides of Earth, a spring tide is also produced.

Why is a lunar eclipse only possible during a full moon?

For the eclipse to occur the Earth, Sun and Moon have all got to be on the same line. For lunar eclipse, Moon has to be behind Earth, looking from Sun, so Earth's shadow could

How can we see the moon during daylight?

 The Earth rotates around it's own axis every 24 hours.   The side of the Earth which faces the Sun is considered day.    The moon roughly revolves around the Ea

What do you see during a full moon?

Considering that the full moon is sometimes bright enough to read by, you can see a lot during a full moon. Some vintners harvest their more sensitive grapes at night by moonl

What is it called when you see a full moon during the day?

It's called an optical illusion. It's not possible to see a completely full moon during the day. For a few days before the full moon, you might see it in the early evening, a

What would you see if you were on the moon surface during a lunar eclipse?

If you were on the surface of the moon during a lunar eclipse, it  would be dark since either the earth or the sun would be in front  of it. If you, however, were on the lig