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You are 100 disabled from the Va for ptsd can you get ssdi?

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Can you draw VA disability and unemployment?

Yes, however; there is a big exception. If you are collecting VA Disability and getting the 100% Service Connected Compensation based on "Unemployability" then the answer is n

Can you have PTSD receive VA disability and still be in military Reserves?

Yes, you can only collect payment for one or the other on any given  day though. If you only do your weekend MUTA 4 training in a month,  you will only receieve a prorated a

Is is likely to for a person to be awarded SSDI for chronic disabling migraines?

It is unlikely. It becomes more likely when you can show that you have been to neurologist after neurologist and have tried many things. It becomes more likely when you have

Va benefits of 100 percent and social security disability?

VA disability compensation is not taxable income that you would report on your 1040 income tax return. IF you do not have any other gross worldwide income to be reported on

Can you receive 100 VA disability and still work full time?

I work at a VA clinic and three employees here work full time and are 100%. (ADDED by McHammer38) There are actually two ways to receive 100% VA disability. One is to be rat

What benefits do you get with 100 VA disability?

Fifty to one hundred percent of your highest rank pay during your time in service, and based on the nature of the disibility and how you acquired it

How does one apply for VA disability?

There are a number of steps in applying for VA disability. One first has to consult with a doctor. After he has made his consultation, one has to file disability paperwork wit

Can disability checks from va be garnished?

The quick answer is No. VA Compensation can only be "attached" for federal tax purposes. It can also be Apportioned if dependents are not living with the veteran. The correct

If you are 100 percent disabled from the va can you still work?

As far as I know, there is a strict limit as to how much money you can earn and still receive 100 percent disability. I have heard that even working a part time job could put

Is VA disability and disability annuity judgment proof in Missouri?

  Yes, but only if it pertains to creditor judgments.   Such benefits are not exempt from attachment when it relates to child support (and arrearages) tax liabilities,

Can you get alimony on VA disability in Alabama?

If the question is can you get alimony and VA disability? Yes, as long as you do not get more than $12,000 a year. If your question is can a veteran's VA Compensation be used

Can a creditor freeze va disability account?

No. Disability benefits are exempt from judgment creditor action. However, if the benefits are commingled with monies that are not exempted an bank account can be frozen by co