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You are such a turkey what does that mean?

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Usually, when someone calls you a turkey, it means you have done something dumb because turkeys are known not to be the brightest of birds.
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When a person calls you a turkey what does it mean?

Well, they use the name calling "Turkey" as meaning of "goof" but don't take it too personally! A turkey is also an event that fails. the name calling "turkey" is really a har

What is the meaning of a dream of plucking a turkey?

The images in this dream could involve word-play. In modern slang, a "turkey" can refer to a foolish, clumsy or inattentive person who spoils something. So a dream of plucking

What does it mean to 'quit cold turkey'?

Answer   To completely quit and go off something in one move. For example, if you were coming off drugs, you could go 'cold turkey' and just completely stop taking them (

What does dgs 925 turkey means?

.925 is the engraving for silver jewelry and other items. When an  item has this stamp it means that the item is silver. Turkey just  means that it was made in Turkey.

What does this mean AK 14K Turkey?

AK is the stamp used by one of the leading jewelry manufacturers in Turkey. It stands for "Atasay Kuyumculuk". It proves that the item is Real 14K gold manufactured by Atasay

What does a turkey on Broadway mean?

  A turkey is a bad or boring show. One that is so bad it will probably close soon. The term Turkey comes from Vaudville Theater, where they would put on a show every day,

What does a turkey mean in a dream?

  To see a turkey in your dream, indicates that you have been foolish. You are not thinking clearly. Alternatively, it may represent Thanksgiving and thus, a time of toget

What does pardon the turkey mean?

Pardoning the turkey is a phrase used when farmers are getting  ready to prepare turkeys for sale for Thanksgiving. It's a sort of  ritual, where a good, healthy, ready to b