You have an iphone on contract and want to cancel your contract and use it on a pay go plan but sim wont work?

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Contact your service provider and they should be able to transfer your Pay and go contract to your sim and cancel your Contract account.
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Can you cancel a contract?

Yes, if both of the parties agree to the cancellation. Yes, if there are terms and conditions that permit either party to back out. And there is always the option of arbitrati

Why wont my 3 contract sim card work in my unlocked pay as you samsung x830 phone?

The arsoson why it won't work is that when you got your phone it amyt have already been unlocked but howeer 3 sims are special, special in sense that the phone has to original

How do you cancel a T-Mobile contract without paying?

Before you can cancel your contract without a fee, you need to have a valid reason for canceling (e.g. repeated billing issues, poor service, etc.). Not liking your phone is n

My company has gone bankrupt and i have a mobile contract with orange is it possible to cancel even thought the contract hasn't finished without paying for leaving it also I want to keep the numbers?

If you filed for bankruptcy your assets are under the control of the bankruptcy referee. If your business is bankrupt, the contract you have MAY be a saleable asset which you

Can you cancel the orange sim only contract at any time?

There a various types of SIM Only contracts with various lengths and cancellation periods. The most common one is a 30 day SIM Only contract. A 30 day SIM Only contract can be

Why wont my 3 contract sim card work in my unlocked GT-E2370?

I'm suffering the same problem because i cracked the screen of my phone that my Sim card IS working in and would like to use my pink samsung. apparently the reason why its n