You know little about the music of very ancient civilizations because?

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How do I replace an alternator in 96 Chevy Camaro 2S and is it difficult for a person who knows very little about cars?

"IF you have to ask about how to do it, you shouldn't try to do it. Pay a trained mechanic to do it properly, and be happy that you didn't make a big mistake and ruin your car.". ~Whoever posted the writing above this is DEAD WRONG. I knew nothing about cars and just bought a 97 camaro that had a c (MORE)

Why do we know so little about Indus Valley civilization?

The reason why the Indus Valley Civilization vanished is stillunknown. Not many artefacts have been found to let us gain insightinto their culture. Their writing was also mostly in Sanskrit,which no one can translate in this day and age.

Why did ancient civilizations only know about six planets?

The ancients only knew about (5 planets + Earth) because to really see the other two you needed a telescope.. The planets they knew were: . Mercury . Venus . (Earth) . Mars . Jupiter . Saturn . All these are easily visible to the naked eye and of cause they can be seen to move against the (MORE)

Why would a man who is very powerful not do what he can to make his lover feel safe and secure knowing that she may be a little insecure about the relationship?

It isn't up the man to make the woman feel secure other than a feeling of protecting her. It's up to each individual to be secure in themselves; independent and have a life of their own other than clinging onto their partner constantly. Communication is the ultimate key in a success relationship. Mo (MORE)

Im 16 and my period is very long sometimes going a little over a month and I dont know why this is I dont really want to go to a gyno because its obviously unconfortable what should I do?

What's uncomfortable, the long period or going to the gynecologist? Going to a gynecologist isn't so bad. I mean, you don't wish the examination would last longer, but it is done with care and doesn't take that long. It's no worse than a whole lot of other things. Women do it all the time and it isn (MORE)

What where the ancient civilizations?

The Aztecs in South America, Mayans in Central America, Incans in Peru, Romans in Europe, Egyptians in northern Africa , Babylonians, Assyrians, Sumerians, and Persians in modern Iraq, Greeks in Greece, Chinese in China (longest-lasting empire in the world, too), and probably many others that I did (MORE)

You know very little about a computer and need to know how to turn on the double click on any word?

I am assuming your are reffering to a mouse double click as the default action. If so then you need to go into your control panel from start button and find and click on the mouse icon in the list (alt click if need be) then depending on the type of mouse your using it will have a list of things tha (MORE)

What is very in music?

Very in music would obviously be the whatever the Jonas brothers sing or Miley Cyrus, my favorite would me Demi Lovato. Simply because she is different she doesn't care what anyone thinks about her and that's how i am.

What are the ancient civilizations?

The first civilization was Uruk, but then came Ur, Babylon, Sippur, Nippar, and Lagash. Another very ancient village that came before Uruk was Catalhuyuk. . Its a civilization that has lived long before the modern and industrial age. The person above says Uruk was the first civilization but I (MORE)

Why do you know little about ancient kush?

For three main reasons:. 1. It was a VERY long time ago. 2. Kush was on the edge of the ancient world, they defended very well against invaders so even in ancient times many fantastic legends were told about the Kushites. and. 3. There has been severe prejudice against Black people for the past (MORE)

Why did the early Chinese have so little contact with other ancient civilizations?

China is one of the world is largest countries. It is located in eastern Asia. Like India, China is surrounded by natural barriers. Mountains and deserts lie to the north, south, and west of China. To the east lies the Pacific Ocean. Natural barriers helped to protect ancient China from invasion. Th (MORE)

What is the musical A Little Night Music?

The suite "Eine Kleine Nachtmusik" (a little night music) is an instrumental composition by Wolfgang Mozart in 1787. It was originally known as Serenade No. 13 for Strings in G major (K. 525). In 1975, Stephen Sondheim used the title (likely an homage to Mozart) for his musical "A Little Night Mu (MORE)

How will you know if he loves you or not because he is very mature and married?

stop right now! it's wrong to attract or pursue a married man! you will also hurt an innocent woman (the wife of that man). if you are already having an affair with him, he'll obviously cheat on you too, if he can cheat on his present wife! dont you think so? how would you feel if you love your hubb (MORE)

I will start working in a warehouse very soon and I am a little bit afraid because I have never worked at the till before and want to know how it works when you use a bar code scanner?

using a scanner is easy, you just pass the product pass the scanner and if it scans correctly the scanner will beep. If the item doesn't scan you will have to manually key in the barcode number. Sometimes the item will scan but the product won't be in the computer system so you will have to get some (MORE)

The north star has very little apparent rotation in the night sky because?

The North Star, Polaris, is not EXACTLY over the north pole; it is about six-tenths of a degree off. The alignment is COMPLETELY coincidental, and temporary; 2000 years ago, the Earth was not aligned with Polaris, and in another 1000 years or so, the difference will again become noticeable. Becau (MORE)

A girl and i were arguing over every little thing from OCT to FEB and i don't know Why. i think its because she likes me. because she would stare at me?

That depends. If she's yelling and screaming during the argument, She probably doesn't like you. But if she is using witty remarks, and keeps cool, she probably likes. you. DOESN'T LIKE YOU she yells and screams, and goes off in a huff LIKES YOU she keeps calm and collected, maybe smile while (MORE)

Which population group tends to drink very little or abstain from alcohol because of a biological reaction to alcohol?

don't think race or ethnicity has anything to do with it. a reaction because of an illness, or when your body is going though a phase - like pregnancy is different.. people with hepatitis c, or people with type 1 diabetes's, HIV, or people that need to always be on an anti-biotic..........unles you (MORE)

What ancient civilization or civilizations collapsed because of water?

In the course of time it has been reported in the history of many ethnicities that the world has saffered several times floods, fire and other natural disasters that almost eliminated the human life from the face of earth. I will mention the three floods that are reported in the ancient Greek histor (MORE)

How do you find someone if you know very little about them?

If know any of their friends I would start there. If you know any of their daily routines you could check there. You will need their full name if you want to complete a search for them by Internet. Anyone can be found in to days world if you have any basic information.

Why do you know so little about the dark ages of ancient Greece?

Before the introduction of cursive writing in the 8th Century BCEthere was no effective written record. And the surviving recordsafter that are very sparse. Oral tradition is very unreliable -after three generations it becomes so distorted that you don't knowwhat is fact and what is faction. So look (MORE)

What was the ancient civilization?

There were several of them. "Ancient" usually concerns theCivilizations that existed anytime between about 4,000 BC until thefirst century AD. Most well-known are the Sumerian, Mesopotamianand Persian civilizations and the Egyptian, Greek and Romancivilizations. In the Americas, the Inca and Maya ci (MORE)

How do you know that the ancient Sumerians were civilized?

According toSamual Noah Kramer the great majority of Sumerians as "farmers andcattle breeders, boatmen and fishermen, merchants and scribes,doctors and architects, masons and carpenters, smiths, jewlers, andpotters." And he writes, "In early days political power lay in thehands of these free citizen (MORE)