You lost your sslc state board of tamilnadu mark sheet how can you get duplicate mark sheet?

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I lost my ssc certificate so how can you get duplicate mark sheet?

File a complaint at the Police Station nearby to the place where you lost the certificate. Then you will get an FIR receipt which should be submitted at the Secondary Board al

You lost your higher secondary course certificate of tamilnadu how can you get duplicate mark sheet?

The following instructions are given by the Tamilnadu Government Instruction to get Duplicate Certificate Application should be in the prescribed form. Application form s

What is the procedure for duplicate mark sheet for Maharashtra Board Pune?

Answer: The basic requirement to get Duplicate SSC or HSC certificate from Pune Board is that you will require a letter from the respective school in case of SSC and Colleg

You lost your sslc board of kerala mark sheet how can you get a duplicate mark sheet?

INSTRUCTIONS 1. The rate of fees for issue of duplicate in the case of SSC, TTC, or any other Certificates is Rs.200. 2. The rate of fees for the issue of triplicate certifi

How can get duplicate mark sheet of HSC form Tamilnadu state board?

Give a police complain in your nearest police station and get the FIR copy/return statement, once done. Pay Rs 700 to your local government treasury and get the Chelan for the

How can you get your Hsc mark sheet Tamilnadu?

Raise a police complaint, get the FIR copy, and submit it in the TREASURY with a fee of 700 for each mark sheet attest a photocopy of your mark sheet if you do not have it con

How do you get duplicate ISC mark sheet if the original is lost?

you can get it by downloading and submitting a form. The downloadlink is in related links. The Council charges the following fees for the issue of thedocuments listed below: