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Your boyfriend wont say he loves you but he do all he can do for you he just wont say it?

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you say it. Don't be shy!
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Why does your boyfriend say he loves you but wont kiss you or hug you in public and you have to come to him to get one at home?

  Heading for something Great   It could be in the way he was raised, where you did not do that in public it was disrespectfull, and if he still does that today then

Why wont he say I love you back?

Either he doesn't love you back, or he doesn't want the additional implications and pressures which will ensue with the exchange of "I love yous."

What should i think when you tell your boyfriend you love them and they wont say it back and they tell you they dont love you yet and why lie and say he does when he doesnt?

  Heres what I would do. I would give him some time to think it over. It all depends on how long you've been going out. Give him at max 2 months and if he doesn't say it b

Why wont he look in your eyes when he says he loves you?

  Oh, honey, it could be anything across the spectrum. He might not mean it, he might mean it too much. He might be shy. Men are not socialized for comfort with big emotio

This guy is saying he loves you but he wont ask you out?

okay, if he says he loves you, and he isn't asking you out, he better have a good excuse as to why. if he has asked previously or currently for sexual favors, keep your guard