Is Ricky Van Shelton dead

No, Ricky Van Shelton is not dead. He retired from country music in 2006 after a thirty year career in the music business. His last album, "Fried Green Tomatoes ", was release (MORE)

Is Slumdog Millionaire a Bollywood Film

No, it is not. While it was filmed in Mumbai, it is produced using a western style and lacks most of the melodrama and spontaneous singing / dancing that are highlights of B (MORE)

Did Jayne Mansfield ever meet Marilyn Monroe

Yes, they met several times as they moved in similar circles. The only photograph of them together is at the Rose Tattoo premier in 1955 although Marilyn appears to be blankin (MORE)
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How To Hold Your Guitar When Sitting

If you're a beginning guitarist who's having some difficulty fretting a note cleanly or producing a good sounding chord, don't get too frustrated. The solution may simply be a (MORE)
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The Many Ways to Learn to Play Guitar

You have a lot of options when it comes to how to learn to play guitar, some very traditional, some modern-day takes on those traditions and some brand new innovations. Which (MORE)
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Choosing Your First Guitar

Deciding to play the guitar is easy. But if you don't already have a guitar to play, you're immediately faced with a lot of options you may not even be aware of. Instead of ov (MORE)