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What causes large ridges in your nails?

Lack of calcium or protein. The ridges could also be a fungal infection. In most cases, it is not painful and your fingers and toes won't fall off (ha ha), but there is a medi (MORE)

How is acetone harmful for your body?

Acetone is an acidic solvent that can burn your mouth, throat, esophagus and stomach if ingested. At very high vapor concentrations, acetone is irritating and, like many other (MORE)

What happens at an initial psychiatric assessment?

You will be asked a lot of questions about yourself, your family relationships, your current concerns, any past issues, physical health history, cultural identifications, reli (MORE)

What is LipoDissolve and how does it work and why do some people call it LipoDissolve Ultra- what's the difference?

LipoDissolve Ultra is a minimally invasive medical procedure that breaks down fat cells in specific areas of the body.
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What is the meaning of cutting the umbilical cord?

After the baby has been delivered, the child is still attached to the placenta (sac around the baby) and that is connected to the baby by an umbilical cord. Cutting the umbili (MORE)