What European countries have a linguistic division?

Belgium is the most notorious case: linguistic division had led to a split of the country into two autonomous regions, Flanders (Dutch-speaking) and Wallonia (French speaking) (MORE)

What was the importance of Marco Polo's exploration?

Marco Polo's travel to Cathay, (China ) sparked an interest among Europeans with the Far East. Europeans became aware of the riches of this area and Marco Polo's travels helpe (MORE)
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What did delegates to the constitutional convention decide about slavery?

In reference to the ratification of the US Constitution, the delegates agreed that the importation of new slaves would end in ten years.
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The Political Background of Barack Obama

Barack Obama's political background story is a unique one. Having been raised in childhood by a single mother and by his grandparents, he rose from humble beginnings to become (MORE)
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Online Image Libraries with Pictures of President Obama

President Barack Obama has a high level of approval compared to previous United States Presidents; however, there are still many people who don't support his policies or Presi (MORE)
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Presidential Pics: Obama Photo Timeline

The administration of the 44th President of the United States, Barack Obama is one of both historic achievement and controversy. The following collection of pictures follows O (MORE)
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Presidential Pics of Barack Obama

President Barack Obama is one of the most public figures on the globe today. His historic presidency has been captured on multiple forms of media, including pics, from preside (MORE)