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What if it has 1993 and 1965?

I assume "IT" refers to a coin. If so, you have a magician's coin. They're privately-made trick coins that sell for a couple of bucks in novelty shops, but have no interest to (MORE)
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What happened in 1993?

February 26th, 1993. The World Trade Center. A 1,500-pound bomb meant to knock the North Tower onto its twin,and the schemers hoped, bring down both, maybe taking 250,000 live (MORE)
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Who was the president in 1993?

This depends on the country\organization: See related questions. US: George H. W. Bush at the start of the year, replaced by William (Bill) Jefferson Clinton. George (MORE)
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1993 fuse diagram 1993 e 150 van?

A fuse diagram for a 1993 E 150 van can be purchased at most autoparts stores. The diagram is also available in do-it-yourself vanrepair books.
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What was created in 1993?

Many, many things. For example: the sliding door, the internet, the date rape drug, the Ebola virus, and the tazer.
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Who was the pesidant in 1993?

The 41st President of the United States was George H. W. Bush from January 20, 1989 to January 20, 1993
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How old is 1993?

During the year 2011 (Jan 1st - Dec 31st) anyone born in 1993 will turn 18.
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What actors and actresses appeared in 1993 Liberty Bowl - 1993?

The cast of 1993 Liberty Bowl - 1993 includes: Jeff Brohm as Himself - Louisville Cardinals Quarterback Mike Gottfried as Himself - Color Commentator Adrian Karsten as Himself (MORE)
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What actors and actresses appeared in Eurosong 1993 - 1993?

The cast of Eurosong 1993 - 1993 includes: Fred Brouwers as Jurylid Ro Burms as Jurylid Patrick Claessen as himself Mark Coenegracht as Jurylid Petra De Steur as herself Lisa (MORE)