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Who was the president in 1993?

This depends on the country\\organization: See related questions. US: George H. W. Bush at the start of the year, replaced by William (Bill) Jefferson Clinton. George H. W. (MORE)

Where is the fuel pump on a 1993 caprice?

Inside the tank itself, you will need to drop the entire gas tank to get to it, as it is drop mounted inside, bolted to the top of the tank, this is a job that requires some v (MORE)

What happened in 1993?

February 26th, 1993.   The World Trade Center.   A 1,500-pound bomb meant to knock the North Tower onto its twin,  and the schemers hoped, bring down both, maybe taki (MORE)

Where is the o2 sensor for 1993 accord?

It is located on the exhaust piping on the underside of the car just past the transmission and such. It is on the "up" side of the piping, making it slightly difficult to find (MORE)

How much was bread in 1993?

I can't give you an exact answer but an estimate would be to account for a reasonable rate of inflation each year. 2010 - 1993 = 17 years. So bread costs about $5 in 2010 and (MORE)

Where do you jack up a 1993 Thunderbird?

There is a small square cut in the floor pan ridge (located under car on the floor pan in the front near the edge of the door and in the back in front of the back tire. It is (MORE)