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What is an LC?

LC means long course meter pool, the Standard Olympic Distance. Answer It means a pool 50 metres long so 100 metre events can take place by doing 2 lengths SC is a 25 (MORE)

What is a connector?

A device to allow two parts of an electronic system to communicate while also allowing them to be separated for removal and/or replacement.

What is a LC?

LC means a circuit contain capacitor(C) and inductor(L). They are connected in series. L is inductance, units is Henry (H) . C is capacitance, units is Faraday (F) (MORE)

What are connectors?

Anything that creates a link between two things is calledconnector. Connector is a device that keeps the parts of anelectric circuit in contact.

What is LC transfer?

What is a transferable Letter of Credit? A transferable letter of credit is one, which specifically states that it is transferable. This will only occur if the applicant (MORE)

Who is LC Bailey?

He was Leonard CBailey="h2headingh3"style="color:rgb(0,0,0);"name="leonard_c_bailey">.According to the Twentieth Century Union League Directory, of D.C.1901 Edition: He was a (MORE)

What is lc operation?

LC and BANK GUARANTEE COMPARED. Bank Guarantees and LCs are financial instruments often used in inland or international trade when suppliers or vendors do not have establ (MORE)

Difference between SC and LC connector?

One difference between an SC and an LC connector is that an LCconnecter is smaller in size than an SC connector. Also, an LCconnector is considered a latch connector, whereas (MORE)

What is difference between SC and LC connector types?

· LC connectors are sometimes called "Little Connectors". . SC connectors, being square, have a mnemonic of "Square Connector", which some people believe to be the corre (MORE)