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What is New Zealand?

A+ Students an independent nation New Zealand is a westernised first-world country, located 1250miles southeast of Australia, in the south-western Pacific Ocean.It is made up (MORE)

Where is New Zealand?

New Zealand is an island nation located about 2000km south east ofAustralia, at 41 degrees south and 174 degrees east. New Zealand is in the South Pacific ocean, east across (MORE)

New Zealand is in?

New Zealand is an independent, self-governing country in its ownright. It is in the southern hemisphere, within the region ofOceania, which also includes Australia, Papua New (MORE)

Why do you have New Zealand?

why do you have your country?. every part of known land or sea is named so therefore New Zealand is New Zealand
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What can you get in New Zealand?

You can get almost anything that you can get in Australia, England, America or anywhere else in the western world.
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Who is New Zealand?

New Zealand is a country made up of two main islands, the North and South Island. New Zealand is around 2000km south east of Australia. There is about 4,000,000 people living (MORE)

What did New Zealand do?

sir Edmund Hillary climbed mount Everest first kate sheppard did woman sufferage and made nz the first country to let the women vote from the age of 15.

Why is Zealand new?

There is another "Zealand" in the Netherlands. I believe NewZealand was named after that part of The Netherlands.

Where New Zealand is?

New Zealand is located in the Mid-South Pacific Ocean, to the East of Australia, and to the West of the United States
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