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What is a sustainable community?

A sustainable community is a community that recycles and uses  renewable energy. Renewable energy is solar power, wind power,  hydroelectric power, geothermal power, etc. an (MORE)

Is glass sustainable?

Since there is no shortage of sand from which to make glass, and since old glass can easily be recycled into new glass, yes, it is a sustainable resource.
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What is sustainability?

Sustainability is a concern at the problems arising from the impact we have on the world has grown during recent decades. Basically, the word sustainability means how long you (MORE)

What are sustained winds?

Sustained winds are winds that consistently remain at or above a  given speed for a longer length of time than a gust. Different  meterological groups have different standar (MORE)

What is food sustainability?

Being able to grow as much food as you eat. If you eat more than you grow, then you will run out of food and starve.
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How cities can be sustainable?

Cities can be sustainable by recognizing all aspects of green environment to minimize all kinds of pollution and wastes of the products to make the life having better environm (MORE)
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What does sustainability in dt?

Plastics and metals use the earth's resources in their production. If these materials are not reused or recycled, the planet will run out of them. There is a limited amount of (MORE)

What is sustainable harvesting?

it is when you harvest a certain crop at a certain season and after the harvest you let the crop regenerate. For Example: I used to harvest pygeum bark as often as i could, wh (MORE)

What is a sustainable environment?

In definition, a sustainable environment is one above all others. It is healthy enough to support within it a diverse variety of plant and animal wildlife. Not only can it sus (MORE)