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What is a sustainable resource

A sustainable resource is a resource that is used up at the same speed that it is renewed. Wood can be a sustainable resource if the trees are harvested at the same rate as new trees mature. Wind is a sustainable resource as the wind is not "used" up. Solar and hydroelectric power can be considered sustainable. Oil, natural gas, minerals taken from the earth do not regenerate and are non-sustainable. Fish stocks can be renewed and can be used in a sustainable fashion but are presently being used at a greater rate than they are being renewed and are considered non-sustainable.

What term best describes the number of individuals of a given species per unit area


What role do bacteria play in the carbon cycle

Bacteria eat dead organic matter and release trapped carbon atoms as CO2.

Where does the heat for geothermal energy come from

The molten core of planet Earth is the source of heat for geothermal energy.

from underground

from steam directly from the earth

What three basic things must the human population have in order to survive

Food, shelter, and water

Which problem is most directly caused by burning waste

Toxic chemicals in the air

What three things most directly affect carrying capacity

Food, space, and water

What problem is most directly caused by dumping waste in landfills

Pollution of groundwater

Which have been the most common methods of dealing with waste

Dumping and burning


How has pollution associated with milk production changed in the past 200 years

Milk production now causes much more pollution than it used to, mostly because so much of the production is consolidated into really large dairy farms, and disposal of that kind of liquid waste is difficult without poisoning nearby water sources.

Which factor will most likely increase the carrying capacity of a mouse population in a forest

: High rains increase the water supply.

How could technology be best used to solve this problem

Find a way to burn the waste without releasing chemicals

Does the melting of polar ice caps cause global warming

No, the melting of the polar ice caps is the result of global warming.

Which action would most likely increase to the greenhouse effect

Use more coal to make electricity(apex)

What would be the most likely result if humans stopped burning fossil fuels

greenhouse gas levels would decrease

global warning would be decreased

Which advancement technology has helped cut down on Waste

electronic storage of files. apex

Which substance acts acts as a buffer in natural water

minerals and salts (apex)

Which factor helps determine the fertility rate of a group of people A.Consumption rate B.Wealth C.Farmland D.Death rate


What is major drawback of using fossil fuels

they warm the planet

which would most likely increase the carrying capacity for humans in a certain region ( apex )

crops that grow more reliably

which of the following best describes a solution that contains a buffer

A citric acid is added to the solution but the pH of the solution does not change

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