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How does an accordion work?

In relation to piano accordions, the right hand mechanism comprises of a keyboard similar to a piano or organ. Music is played when you press a key which lifts up a pallet. Th (MORE)

How is an accordion made?

The accordion is constructed from hundreds of pieces. Much of it needs to be hand assembled. It was first constructed in the early nineteenth century. It continues to evolve i (MORE)

Where are accordions from?

Accordions manley come from Italy, Germany, and the United States of America and now some cheap models from China. But the best are either Italian or German depending on what (MORE)

What is a Accordion?

The accordion is a musical instrument. It is very portable, you can carry it with you. You have two types of accordion, one with piano keys, and the other with buttons. An acc (MORE)

What are accordion '' voices ''?

accordions use sets (read blocks) of metal 'free-reeds' to produce their sound. These are known as voices. If an instrument has four voices it has four sets of reeds on the ri (MORE)

How do you repair your Accordion?

Accordion repair should only be carried out by a qualified person as this work requires skill in order to fix these musical instruments properly. Repairing accordions yourself (MORE)

Is an accordion important?

The accordion, like every musical instrument, has played an important role in society for many years as it was used to provide the music for social events in many countries ar (MORE)

What is an accordion worth?

There are a few factors to consider when figuring out how much your accordion is worth with age, size, model and playing condition being the most important. Accordions that ar (MORE)

Does an accordion have strings?

Accordions do not have strings but are members of the wind instrument family. They produce sound when air is passed through reeds producing sound. These musical instruments co (MORE)