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What is a relative to the accordion?

The accordion is part of the free reed instrument family. This means that it has reeds mounted in it that sound when air blows over them. The first instrument in the family wa (MORE)

What are the Parts of an accordion?

There are many different parts to every accordion with the treble keyboard, bass keyboard and bellows being the three main components. There are a number of subdivisions withi (MORE)

Where can you get accordion repair?

The best place to get your accordion repaired is from your local accordion repairer if possible. This may not always be the case and so your next best option is to try and con (MORE)

Where are accordions from?

Accordions manley come from Italy, Germany, and the United States of America and now some cheap models from China. But the best are either Italian or German depending on what (MORE)

How does a accordion work?

To make a sound on the accordion the bellows must be operated by pushing or pulling to create a flow of air through valves which house reeds. By depressing a piano key on the (MORE)

What is a Accordion?

The accordion is a musical instrument. It is very portable, you can carry it with you. You have two types of accordion, one with piano keys, and the other with buttons. An acc (MORE)

How do you make accordion?

Accordion manufacturing is a long process requiring the hand assembly of many sections. The accordion consists of hundreds of pieces with the three main sections being the tre (MORE)

Where can an accordion be appraised?

Accordions can be appraised by any accordion manufacturer. There are a number of factors to consider when determining the value of an accordion such as age, size and model bei (MORE)