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What is the the definition of a timeline in adobe flash?

Think of the timeline as a storyboard. Everything that is placed along the timeline is played forward like a video playhead until an action or interaction forces it to stop or (MORE)

What is the function of adobe flash player?

Adobe flash player is a small program that allows you to play some online games that use the flash player to run. You will know you need it when you try to play one of the gam (MORE)

Is Adobe flash player bad?

Yes, it is the cause of many crashes in browsers such as Safari. If the plug-in is not updated regularly then you cannot view many video present on the Internet like at BBC ne (MORE)

How can you get Adobe flash player on your ipad?

There is no version of the Adobe Flash player for any IOS device. Apple and Adobe have had serious differences of opinion about this, and Apple states that Flash animations an (MORE)

Is there an alternative to Adobe flash player?

  There is no alternative to Adobe Flash Player that incorporates all of the features that the newest one does. The best substitute is "gnash", which currently implements (MORE)

Adobe flash player 9?

Adobe flash player is an add on application to web browsers to run things like online games and online videos. Flash player 9 is an older version of the software and is no l (MORE)

What are frames in Adobe Flash?

The frames are the signal images within theanimation,. The frames are displayed in a specific sequence at thespecific speed to create the illusion of the animation moving.
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What can you import to Adobe Flash?

Flash can import a large variety of file types and formats. You can attempt to import anything you like and you will get a brief report if Flash cannot import it. If you can't (MORE)