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What is ADS?

Answer . In context of Microsoft Windows NTFS, ADS stands for "Alternate Data Streams". Please google this phrase for more explaination.but i can tell you get from haveing (MORE)

How can do you do ads?

Ads (Advertisement) can be done in some many ways through internet free marketing tools like Blogs, Forum Classified Ads Online Newspaper Press release and some many. I'm cur (MORE)

What does AD?

This question is too narrow to answer. AD- Advertisement AD- Architectural Digest AD- Active Directory by Microsoft ADD- Attention Deficit Disorder

How do you answer ads?

Either ignore, or usually the ad will have a link if your on a computer, so you just click on it. Some tv advertisements list their phone numbers, location, website, and you c (MORE)

What is adding?

adding is having another number and another number or more but you need at least two then group them together to see what they equal if you put all the numbers together

What is an ad?

An ad is short for advertisement, which is something used to advertise a business, medicine, food, restraunts etc. and should be persuasive to catch someone attention so that (MORE)

What are adatives?

ANSWER: Are you talking about additives not adatives? As far as I know additives is something that you use to added to enhance the food, or gasoline. I might be wrong but ch (MORE)

What are AD?

An advertisement (ad) is a picture or flash that shows you why you should get a companies product, and they also show spam.

What are ads-on?

ads-on may be a reference to add-ons, I believe? Add-ons are self explanatory, so they literally add on to something, whether it may be a game or a report.
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What is ⅓ added to ⅚?

You have to change you have to change 1/3 to 2/6 and then add 2/6 + 5/6 whichequals 7/6= 1 1/6