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Who was Alexander the Great?

Alexander the Great (356 BC to 323 BC) was the King of Macedonia. He conquered most of the known world through vigorous military campaigns. He was never defeated in battle. He (MORE)

Why was Alexander the great so great?

Alexander the Great spent most of his ruling years on anunprecedented m ilitary campaign through Asia and northeast Africa, and by theage of thirty he had created one of the (MORE)

How was Alexander not great?

Why was Alexander III of Macedon called 'Great'? The answer seemsrelatively straightforward: from an early age he was an achiever,he conquered territories on a superhuman scal (MORE)

Why is Alexander the great so great?

In the wake of Oliver Stone's epic movie about the Macedonianconqueror's life we at LiveScience believe a reassessment ofhis triumphs is needed to right the wrongs inflicted (MORE)

What did Alexander the Great have?

He had an army of over 30,000 cavalry and infantry. He conquered  central and western Asia, and Egypt. He modestly named over 30  cities which he founded Alexandria after hi (MORE)

What was Alexander the great not so great at?

You could argue that he was not so good at 'Staying alive' (he died aged 32 - very young given his wealth) however, he was very lucky to have lived as long as he did (if you c (MORE)

Why is Alexander the great considered to be great?

Because of his military abilities and advance tactical warfare strategies that are still being studied today. He unified the states and kingdoms of Greece and led them into ba (MORE)