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Do sharks live in the Allegheny River?

No. Sharks are primarily saltwater fish. While one shark did swim a distance up the Hudson river, the Allegheny River is too far from the ocean. In order to get there a shark (MORE)
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What are the Alleghenies?

The "Alleghenies" is an informal name for the "Allegheny" Mountain Range (also spelled "Alleghany" and "Allegany"). they form a part of the "Appalachian" Mountain Range in the (MORE)

What is the allegheny river depth?

As with all rivers, the Allegheny River's depth varies throughout its course but is on average between 25 and 35 feet.   Source(s): (MORE)

What are plateaus?

A plateau is a landform characterized by a flat-topped region that is elevated above the surrounding lands. (Some high plateaus are described as "mountains with their tops cu (MORE)

How deep is the allegheny river in Pennsylvania?

  Depending the time of year and where on the Allegheny River you are at,it is 9 feet deep on average due to the 8 locks and dams to make the river navigable by commercial (MORE)

Where are the Allegheny mountain?

The Appalachian Mountains have a northeast-southwest orientation  and runs for about 400 miles (640 km) from north-central  Pennsylvania, through western Maryland and easter (MORE)

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