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What is 7.62x25 ammunition?

It is a munition that's 7.62 mm in diameter by 25 mm in length. These dimensions refer to a Russian ammunition used for the Tokarev pistol and several Communist-era submachin ( Full Answer )
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What is ERFB ammunition?

ERFB stands for Extended Range Full Bore. Invented by Canadian scientist F.V. Bull, ERFB replaces protruding rifling grooves with recessed ones, thus producing lower friction ( Full Answer )
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What is musket ammunition?

Muskets are muzzle loaded weapons. This means the gunpowder, wad and bullet are all loaded down the barrel and packed into the bottom of the barrel using a ramrod. Therefore, ( Full Answer )
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What is jacketed ammunition?

Ammuntion that has a thin jacket of metal (copper for example) that encloses the lead projectile.
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What is tmj ammunition?

TMJ = Total Metal Jacket. Typically a lead core, with a jacket of copper/nickel alloy that completely encases the lead core.
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Does ammunition expire?

If it's kept in a dry place, no. But ammo that is carried in a gun or not stored properly can degrade over a period of time.
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What is an ammunition shelf?

An ammunition shelf is where all the ammo was kept in the trenches. Incase of a skirmish you just lend down and got some more.
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What is ammunition caliber?

Caliber refers to the diameter of the bullet and the diameter of afirearm's barrel. Even within a single caliber, there are severalvariations: .38 special is different ammunit ( Full Answer )
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What is HE ammunition?

High Explosive, generally meaning that the projectile is packed with TNT or other explosive material.