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What were houses made of in ancient Egypt?

Egypt Houses- the walls were made out of bricks, the bricks are made out of mud and chopped straw. They molded the mud and chopped straw together and got bricks. The floors ar (MORE)

In Ancient Egypt how were hieroglyphics read?

If you mean "in what order", then the answer is that hieroglyphs could be written either from right to left (the usual order) or from left to right, and then from top to botto (MORE)

How did Ancient Egypt get their food?

they got most of their food from crops grown on the fertile banks of the nile, they also fished in the nile and at the end of the nile where it opened out onto the ocean. the (MORE)

What does ancient Egypt and ancient mesopotamia have in common?

first, they were in the same time period. secondly, ancient Mesopotamia and ancient Egypt both have natural barriers, like mountains, and deserts. also, they both try to inven (MORE)

What was egyptations diet in ancient Egypt?

bread, wine, water, meat, and more to discover at also yam, figs and other sweeter foods were Incorporated in wealthier families. There was a large dep (MORE)

What is the most ancient artifact in ancient Egypt?

A large 2,400 year old gorgeous turquoise colored faience/composition amulet of the ancient Egyptian God of Wisdom, Learning, and Measurements, "Thoth". The baboon, being Thot (MORE)

What do we get from ancient Egypt?

The influence and benefits of ancient Egypt and it's culture are many and varied, and in all honesty I don't believe that anyone; academic or amateur could answer this questio (MORE)

Were ancient Greece and ancient Egypt allies?

Firstly, Greece did not exist as a country. It was an ethnic group  of over 2,000 independent city-states spread around the  Mediterranean and Black Seas. Each had its own a (MORE)

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