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Why do you have Ash Wednesday?

Ash Wednesday is the start of Lent, a penitential season in the Church. Ash Wednesday is a day to reflect on our sins and turn away from them. In the Bible a sign of repentanc (MORE)

Where do the ashes come from on ash Wednesday?

The ashes used on Ash Wednesday are the ashes resulting from the burning of palms from the previous Palm Sunday. People bring in their saved palms (which were blessed before t (MORE)

What happens at mass on ash Wednesday?

At the Ash Wednesday Mass, there will be a standard liturgy. Unlike typical masses, you will receive a cross of ash on your forehead and the Priest will usually say, "Remember (MORE)

Why do we celebrate Ash Wednesday?

We celebrate Ash Wednesday as it is a Christian tradition as it is 46 days before Easter and the start of Lent.   Roman Catholic AnswerAsh Wednesday, the first day of Len (MORE)

Why do you put ashes on your heads on Ash Wednesday?

The ashes symbolize your sorrow for your sins, and your mortality. Generally, they are from the palm fronds used as symbols for the welcome of Christ in the triumphal entry in (MORE)

What do Catholics eat on Ash Wednesday?

Anything but red meat. For example fish. Also, Catholics must fast. What this means depends upon your diocese. Consult your local Parish Priest for details.   Roman C (MORE)

Ash Wednesday what do the ashes represent?

The Ashes on Ash Wednesday represent the dirt from which God made  us and to which we shall return upon our death. They are made from  burning the palms from the previous Pa (MORE)