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What is autumn?

Autumn is the season between summer and winter, also known as 'fall'. It can also be a person's name.
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What is the season autumn?

Autumn is also called fall. It officially starts on September 21st the Autumnal Equinox and ends on December 20th. The next day December 21st the Winter Solstice which marks t (MORE)
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When does autumn happen?

Autumn happens in September,October, and November for those in the Northern hemisphere. In the Southern hemisphere, it's more like March, April, May.
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What are the months of autumn?

All localities have different said, such as China is 7, 8, 9 this 3 months, and other places may no longer is.
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Why is Autumn called Autumn?

because the weather is warm and humid and it kind of feels like the letter A. and your butt might hurt in that season so autumn rhymes with bottom

When is it autumn?

For the northern hemisphere, Autumn normally begins on September 22, but sometimes it can begin on September 23. The last day of Autumn is December 20, so the Autumn months ar (MORE)

How do you have autumn?

Autumn is the season which tell us about the coming is a season in which we got new ideas news is a season in which we can meet with our soul .In autumn (MORE)

Why do we have autumn?

The position of the earth in its orbit around the sun causes the seasons as we know it. Because of the earths axial tilt, 23.4 degrees, the northern hemisphere receives more d (MORE)