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What is Avogadro constant?

Avogadro constant or number is the number of atoms in one mole, which is equal to 6.0221415 × 10^23. Edited to: The Avogadro constant is the number of particles (atoms, molec (MORE)
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What are some application of avogadro law?

correct answers from Me. renz adrian III-Earth Date: February 12, 2013 1. Bread and other baked good rise. 2.canons and guns 3.Balloon inflates 4.Breathing Ung iba (MORE)
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What is the real life application of avogadros law?

Avogadro's Law applies to real life in many different ways. It  explains why bread and baked goods rise. It explains gunpowder and  projectiles. It explains balloons inflati (MORE)