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What is a Baldwin acrosonic piano?

A Baldwin Acrosonic was Baldwins designation for its deluxe cabinet style in it's smaller pianos. While it is true that most commonly Acrosonics were spinet pianos, Baldwin al (MORE)

Is Baldwin a good piano brand?

Yes and No. I have played piano for 6+ years (and still am learning) and have learned so much since then. I learned on a Baldwin spinet piano and i have to say , they are not (MORE)
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What is the value of 1969 Baldwin piano?

I am in San Antonio, TX and I just paid $400.00 for a 1969 Baldwin. It needs a little attention, about 3 - 5 strings need repair and one white key sticks. I was told by a repu (MORE)

What is the value of a Baldwin GPS2500 piano?

Due to the age of the technology and the fact that Baldwin absolved any responsibility for supporting it after they sold the Pianovelle line to Gibson, it's not worth much. I' (MORE)

What is a Baldwin studio piano?

A Baldwin Studio piano is a type of vertical piano that stands 45 inches in height..In the upright piano classifications a Baldwin Studio piano would be number 3 out of 4 in t (MORE)