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When were the Baltimore Orioles last in the playoffs?

Prior to 2014, The Orioles were last in the playoffs in 1997. Theylost to the Cleveland Indians in the ALCS, 4 games to 2, afterdefeating Seattle in the ALDS 3 games to 1. Th (MORE)

What is the behavior of an Baltimore oriole bird?

They glean and forage throughout trees for insects. They also make short flights to catch insects. They sing and call in a loud, flurty whistle. They come into to people's yar (MORE)

Who are the Baltimore Orioles farm teams?

  For the 2009 season: AAA - Norfolk Tides, International League AA - Bowie BaySox, Eastern League A - Frederick Keys, Carolina League A - Delmarva Shorebirds, Sou (MORE)

How do you describe the Baltimore Orioles uniform?

When at home, they wear a white shirt and pants with the word "Orioles" on the chest and their name and number on the back Ex: Roberts 1. They also have a patch on the left ar (MORE)

What year did the Baltimore Orioles originate?

The Baltimore Orioles were a charter member of the new American Association (later the American League) when it was formed in 1882, They played in the league through the 1902 (MORE)

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