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What is bamboo?

Bamboo is a grass that grows in the tropics and rain forests.  Unlike grass that we are familiar with on our lawns, Bamboo  produces large, lightweight, wood-like, flexible (MORE)

Where can you get bamboo?

We can buy bamboo in Bamboo Creasian imports direct quality bamboo products, factory prices - selection of quality Bamboo Poles: Bamboo Iron/ Solid Bamboo Poles; Quality Bambo (MORE)

What is the bamboo?

  Botanically categorized as grass, bamboo is probably the world's most sustainable resource. It is used in many different ways, here are some--   * Bamboo pulp is us (MORE)

What are bamboo for?

Today, Bamboo can be used: Fences, Railings, Rafting, frame roof design, Tiki Bar, Tiki Hut, Gazebo, furniture, curtains create an airy space and comfort for your home gardens (MORE)

What can you out of bamboo?

Bamboo has many usages, for example: 1. building material 2. display 3. as plant in your garden 4. as bamboo charcoal 5. as bamboo powder which is edible. As for p (MORE)

What can you do with bamboo?

If you have a lot of bamboo you can sell it or garden it. You can also use it as a nice house plant. The area of the house that best suits bamboo designs and ornaments is th (MORE)