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What do bartenders do?

really weird question they serve alcohol and have fun they make drinks and have a vast knowledge of what they do most of them some are really bad bartenders

Can you be a bartender with a felony?

Yes. However, some areas require that you obtain a liquor pour license to serve alcohol. If your city or county does, you will need to verify that your felony won't interfere (MORE)

What is all about bartending?

If you are wanting to be a Bartender its a great job! You Make good money cash each day also a check every week or 2 weeks. I always wanted to bartend .. so my friend recommen (MORE)

What is bartendering?

Bartending is serving drinks for money. Many night clubs andrestaurants have bartenders who serve drinks to their guests duringhours.
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What do you think about bartending?

I think bartending is a great job! But it is not as easy as it looks. You meet a lot of people and I like working at night because we have bands here at the bar on weekends. I (MORE)

What is the definition of a bartender?

A bartender is someone who tends to a bar whether that be mixing drinks, taking orders for food, etc. Some bartenders are more experienced than others allowing them to do fanc (MORE)