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What battle is compared to the Battle of Gettysburg?

The most scariest or bloodiest battle near to The Battle of Gettysburg is Pearl Harbor. But really no other battle can compared to this battle"The Most Gruesome Battle of Civi (MORE)

What kind of battle was the Battle of Midway?

It was a sea and air battle - the first to take place between carriers and planes on both sides. It came about because of the fantastic work of the US cryptographers who could (MORE)

What was the battle of buxar and battle of plassey?

BATTLE OF BUXAR Mir Qasim belied English hopes and soon emerged as a threat to their position and designs in Bengal. Mir Qasim was defeated in series of battles in 1763 and f (MORE)

What is a battle?

Battle means:    a military fight between groups of soldiers, ships, airplanes,  etc.  a violent fight in which people use weapons  a fight between people or groups i (MORE)