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What does the blackberry have?

The blackberry has these features: Blackberry messenger E-mails SMS Play/pause,next song, back song buttons on the top (on the curve models) LED light App store Trackpad/rolle (MORE)

Is the blackberry a smartphone?

Yes. All recent blackberry devices are smart phones. A smartphone is a device that combines a PDA with a phone. Most recent smartphones include other features like camer (MORE)

Do blackberries have seeds?

Yes they do. In fact you eat them! They are small, hard, and sometimes hard to find! Some blackberries are red but the still do have seeds in them.
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How do you get whatsapp on blackberry?

from the appworld. if you cannot access the appworld the visit the whatsapp website and download the link for blackberry.
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What is an android and a blackberry?

Android refers to the operating system used in many devices. It is open-source, attractive and feature-rich, offering the second largest app market and, in some cases, second- (MORE)

Does eminem have a blackberry?

Bbm pin for celebz Eminem: pin:2208251D Akon: pin:2209ED64 John Cena: pin:23AC9746 Lady gaga: pin:222929B8 Megan Fox: pin:216cbc6 Justice: pin:3254AA04 Tom Cruise: pin:2343CAE (MORE)

What is blackberry phone?

A BlackBerry is a smartphone produced by Research In Motion. They  were originally one of the first phones to support email and pushed  the boundaries in business tech so th (MORE)
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Where do Blackberries originate from?

Blackberries were brought to the United States from Europe in the  1800s. They are classified as a noxious weed because of the rapid  spread speed and perennial traits.
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