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What does the blackberry have?

The blackberry has these features: Blackberry messenger E-mails SMS Play/pause,next song, back song buttons on the top (on the curve models) LED light App store Trackpad/rolle (MORE)

What eats blackberry?

Small animals, mainly rodents eat blackberrys bluberrys and other small fruits that are grown in the ground

What does a blackberry symbolize?

Blackberries have multiple meanings across religious, ethnic and mythological realms. They have been used in Christian art to symbolize spiritual neglect or ignorance. Mid-Med (MORE)

Why was the blackberry invented?

The blackberry was invented to make the communication lives of many people a lot easier. from texting, to the worldwide web, people could easily interact with each other :)
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What is an android and a blackberry?

Android refers to the operating system used in many devices. It is open-source, attractive and feature-rich, offering the second largest app market and, in some cases, second- (MORE)

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Why is blackberry called blackberry?

because of the color of the phone EDIT: It was originally suggested that the phones be called "StrawBerries" because the numerous buttons reminded the marketing dept of the li (MORE)
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How do you get apps on blackberrys?

You have to download the Blackberry app world, and then you can either download apps from there or go to the app world website and get links sent to your phone and then downlo (MORE)

Are blackberrys a herbivore?

The definition of a herbivore is an animal that eats plants. Since blackberries don't eat plants and are not animals they cannot be herbivores. yes
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