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What does the blackberry do?

Its a phone that obviously makes calls. you can check your email on it. and texting is really easy. there's a full keyboard on it. it is just awesome!

What does a blackberry do?

A BlackBerry is a smartphone that can access the internet and e-mail. It can also run a variety of PDA functions, such as a calandar, synchronization with a PC, can get intern (MORE)

Who is Blackberry?

Blackberry is a very popular type of mobile phone. It is mainly used for office work. But if u want to have one you can buy it.I prefer IPHONE3gS.That's cool!!

What does the blackberry have?

The blackberry has these features: Blackberry messenger E-mails SMS Play/pause,next song, back song buttons on the top (on the curve models) LED light App store Trackpad/roll (MORE)