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How do you boost your confidence?

Believe in yourself, do good things, have people notice you so they can say, "Hey, your pretty cool! Thanks." Things like that. Smile brightly, and don't bottle your emotions (MORE)

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How do you boost your concentration?

1. Get rid of distractions . That means no phone calls, no TV, no text messaging, and no Internet while you are trying to study. If you are in the classroom, then no talking o (MORE)
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What is Hydro boost?

hydro boost uses pressure created by the power steering pump to make pressing the brakes easier. they are used for a few reasons. the first is the lack of vacuum from the engi (MORE)

What is a Boost Bottle?

A boost bottle catches the mixture of oil, petrol and air, that has been forced back in to the carburetor, preventing it from getting to much fuel and not enough air. Becous (MORE)

What is boosting clothes?

It means to sell clothes for a profit that either you have stolen, or someone else stolen
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What is brake boosting?

Brake Boosting is when (in a turbo equipped vehicle) you press the breaks firmly enough to start slowing you down, while increasing throttle to keep you at your original speed (MORE)
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What is better the you phone 5c or 5s?

the 5s because it has better service but it dosent have diffrent  colrs just silver gold and black
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What rhymes with boost?

  Joost, Loosed, Proust, Reust, Roost, Ruest, Spruced, Troost, Deduced, Induced, Produced, Reduced, Seduced, Introduced, Reproduced, Overproduced, Reintroduced.
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What can boost your intelligence?

Anything to shake things up -- cleaning your teeth with your 'wrong hand', chewing gum and taking a shower with your eyes closed can all boost your intelligence. Doing anythin (MORE)

What does a boost controler do?

  two answers frist controles boot to tubo or nix. 2nd brake booster makes your brakes easyer to mash
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