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How money does an bookbinder make?

It depends on what the bookbinder is doing to earn his or her money. Simple repair jobs can earn $20-$200 per book, depending on what repairs need to be done, age of the boo (MORE)

What does perfect binding mean in bookbinding?

A perfect bound publication has all sides of  the pages trimmed even at the spine. This called the "grind". The  pages are "ground-off" to insure that the inside pages' edge (MORE)

What is a bookbinder job?

  Bookbinders take worn out library books and rebind them. They also bind theses, genealogies, newspapers, magazines, and can create blank books for journals. Bookbinders (MORE)
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Is elkie brooks sister of david bookbinder?

hi, the answer is definatly no. im a good freind of david, he is a gentleman and a very funny person. he assures me that elkie (elaine bookbinder) is his cousin.