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What is sold in bookstores?

books   magazines    coffee    bookmarks    newspaper    music    calendars    audio book    
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How to work at a bookstore?

if you are under 16 you cannot work at a bookstore, but if you are 16 and older all you have to do is ask for the job, get an application form and then see if you can get the (MORE)
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Where can someone find a complete bookstore?

A complete bookstore would most likely be in a town that the person lives in. There are also online bookstores for those who do not feel like going out.
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How do you unlock the bookstore in webkinz friends?

You have to complete part of the Love Birds quest (part 6 of 8) to unlock the bookstore. The goal requires you to buy and place 1 pond with a fountain in your garden and also (MORE)