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History of Brahmaputra River in Hindi?

Dyardanes was the name originally given to the Brahmaputra River in  Hindi. In early times the river had a different course, but some of  the water still flows through Mymen (MORE)

Why is paddy grown in ganga-brahmaputra plains?

The cultivation of paddy requires sufficient water. The amount of rainfall is high in ganga brahmaputra plains.Flat and fertile land is available here. So,paddy is grown in ga (MORE)

What name is given to the Brahmaputra in Tibet and Bangladesh?

In Tibet, Yarlung Zangbo  Yarlung Tsangpo originates in the Jima Yangzong glacier near Mount Kailash in the northern Himalayas. It then flows east for about 1,700 kilometres (MORE)

What continent is the Brahmaputra river located?

Asia. From its origin in southwestern Tibet as the 'Yarlung Zangbo River', it flows across southern Tibet to break through the Himalayas in gorges and into Arunachal Pradesh w (MORE)

Why Paddy is grown in the ganga brahmaputra plains?

Because Paddy need a lot of water for the growth so Paddy is grown in the ganga-brahmputra plains
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