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Can you sleep after a concussion?

You can sleep after a concussion. This was not recommended for years to observe a person for any changes after a concussion. People worried that the person may go into a coma (MORE)

How do you know if you have concussion?

Concussion is a trauma condition in which the brain is violently shaken against the skull. This causes swelling and contusion of the brain. Signs and symptoms of concussion i (MORE)
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How can concussion kill you?

If it is not treated, recognized, and/or severe, then yes, it is possible. It can kill you because, basically, it's a form of brain damage. If your concussion is very severe, (MORE)
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What are concussion waves?

A concussion wave - is a blast of energy given of when something explodes. The explosion compresses the air immediately surrounding the site of detonation. This compressed air (MORE)
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How do you feel after a concussion?

If you think you have one, you should probably get it checked out to be safe especially if you feel nauseous. It is also not good to go to sleep, or take a nap without having (MORE)
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How can concussion be prevented?

Many cases of concussion can be prevented by using appropriate protective equipment. This includes seat belts and air bags in automobiles, and helmets in all contact sports. H (MORE)