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What is the flying time from Toronto to buenos aires?

  I just returned to Toronto from Buenos Aires, flying Air Canada via Santiago, Chile. The flying time, including stopover in Santiago, is about 14 hours and 30 minutes.  (MORE)

Does it snow in buenos aires?

It's really rare.On July 9th,2007 it snowed for the first time in 89 years and it hasn't happened again since then.
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What can you do in buenos aires?

Buenos Aires serves a handful of activities for locales and tourists alike. As the capital of Argentina, it is wealthy of structures that will feed the eyes and enthusiasm of (MORE)

What is the name of Buenos Aires airport?

Buenos Aires as city (you also heave Buenos Aires as state) has 2 airports. For international travel we use to use EZEIZA that has the international code EZE. The real name o (MORE)

What is famous in Buenos Aires?

Just about everything.   Buenos Aires, Argentina, South America was often called the "Paris of South America"; however, the country has had a number of problems.   As a (MORE)

What is the latitude and longitude of Buenos Aires?

look it up on the map. 34°36'12"S and 58°22'54"W, 34°36'12"S and 58°22'54.12"W, 34°36'12.96"S and 58°22'54.12"W and 34°36'12.96"S and 58°22'54"W About 35 degrees south (MORE)